poison to the mind


It’s been a long time

...I shouldn't have left you
Without a couple of hours of dope beats to step to.

Here's Tiga's Essential Mix from two weeks ago:

Tiga - Essential Mix 9/4/2006

Tracklist here. Tiga website here. Buy the album Sexor here.

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Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been sick and the laptop is VERY sick. So no mp3 here, but I feel everyone needs their attention drawn to Mark Morrison's plans for a new career:

"I might be able to pull a beetle off. As long as I ain't got to talk."


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snip snippet

I've been holding off on posting these because I was trying to find links to the PDFs I recently downloaded of Neil McMillan's epic History Of Cut'n'Paste records. Unfortunately, all Google seems to turn up is references to an abridged version printed in Big Daddy magazine, and an extended reprinting in another zine by the same people, and OCRed versions of the original shortarse version, so fuckit. Maybe the email address on that last link can sort you out? It's really great and worth reading, but let's just assume you did so weeks ago already and are now keen to hear some classic copyright-dodging 1980s collage records by white blokes:Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 3 (The History Of Hip-Hop Mix) - the broadest of the original Lessons.

Coldcut - Say Kids, What Time Is It? - the baton gets picked up across the Atlantic.

And twenty-odd years later, Douglas and Steve reunite and team up with Cut Chemist for a promotional tour through the catalogue of Sugarhill Records:

Double Dee & Steinski - Sugarhill Suite

Buy: Despite the impression given by rampant bootlegging, none of the Lessons have ever been released legally. Shockah. If you buy anything on Sugarhill ever, then the Suite has done its job (it came out on some Melle Mel 12" b-side or something. Maybe it's on a label comp too?). AND! Coldcut, at some point, rescued their own white-label-only debut for a low-key release with a bunch of other stuff they probably don't own (shonky 90s dance labels innit), and will flog you their Cold-Cut-Outs direct.
(edited by Peteypie because Kit doesn't know the location of his own mp3s. You can download them now!)

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it’s grim up north

With the closure of group-blog New York London Paris Munich and a withdrawal from ILM, Freaky Trigger founder Tom Ewing is these days doing all his public thinking about music on LiveGerbil (of all places etc etc). In the course of revisiting his list of personal Top 100 Songs Of The 90s, the latest entry is on the chart-bothering version of The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu's "It's Grim Up North." Which is all fine and all (though he mispells "JAMs" and "McLaren," tsk), but I always find the hit version with Bill Drummond's own vocals hard to get into because there are just too many ideas in it (which is to say: there are two, with "Jerusalem" coming in at the end).

No fault of the record itself, it's just that I heard the original version first (fancy that, a KLF record that got completely re-recorded and re-released), which may have simply been an excuse for Drummond to tick off the remaining box on his Crucial Three scorecard, BUT! Pete Wylie's vocals aside, the strength of this version is that it stays relentlessly grim: rain, towns, bass and a disturbing hooting noise, like some depressed goth rave siren. Even the record was pressed on grey vinyl (one-sided 12", 500 copies only, blah blah).

The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu Featuring That Pete Wylie Innit - It's Grim Up North

No records obviously, but the brilliant The Manual - How To Have A Number One The Easy Way is in print and available from the publisher.

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another interim link before I start posting tracks again

Went to check out the first instalment of a monthly (?) dancehall & soca night on Saturday, only to find a complement of three bouncers, two door staff, and three punters, only one of whom was on their feet, moving to lover's rock. Lessons here? Possibly: Sydney isn't ready. Probably: don't put on any event at a venue on Uni premises the week before student intake*. Certainly: don't keep playing warm-up music until people arrive, or they will bugger off instead of coming in.

So switched instead to the odd but excellent combination of a drum & bass night - in a pub! - where one of the latter-day/no-longer Avalanches came on and played a couple of hours of non-DNB in the middle. And a bloke wandered out and played sax over half an hour of one of the earlier DJs. You might think this last an atrocious idea, but to your and my surprise, you'd be wrong.

And speaking of potentially dubious DNB concepts: chartered accountant/cartoonist/home rinse enthusiast TonyR has boshed together 40 minutes of old jungle tracks that feature samples from superhero and sci-fi movies for his own satisfaction your enjoyment. Get the "slower" intro mix here, and the main feature here (you'll probably want to put in yr own ID3 tags once you've downloaded 'em). Tracklist!

*see also: Alex Paterson DJing in a different bar at the same uni a few years ago, to about a dozen people. In a room that holds about 600. During student holidays, of course. We dragged a sofa onto the dancefloor for the support act, Dr. Alex chucked a strop afterwards and blew out the rest of the tour.

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moving servers.

back soon.

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forgotten boy

One show I missed out on during the BDO swarm (because it happened in a restaurant in Surry Hills and wasn't advertised) was a MIKE WATT SOLO GIG. Happily it turned out that he wasn't doing Minutemen and Ball-Hog Or Tugboat material, just playing more Stooges covers without actual Stooges around him. Phew.

In the spirit of Stooges covers you could probably live without, here's EMF taking on "Search & Destroy", from their "there's always been a rock element to our dance music" EP Unexplained. Hey, it's better than the Chili Peppers' one.

EMF - Search and Destroy

If you can't find the EP, this was included on their best-of that came out a few years ago (but is now also out of print). It's actually pretty listenable all the way through, but the bonus disc of remixes makes the mistake of only including two versions of "Unbelievable," and about ten other songs that aren't "Unbelieveable." Plus, neither of the remixes are the Sin City Sex Mix. Tcoh!

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keep music fake

I know, I said January was going to be more regular with the updates, but then I start going to gigs six nights in a row and not having time to make mp3s to upload for you, let alone post about them...

So here's a whopping big one to make up for it! The highlight of the last few weeks' gigs was the first of two Jamie Lidell shows, where he enhanced his self-sampling steez with local live musicians (the second show was good too, but a relaxed arvo affair on a bowling green, rather than a dazzling *PERFORMANCE* on a stage). And of course, his album of last year featured the live musician skills of Chilly Gonzales, so in a tenuous link, here's an example of Gonzo mixing pre-recorded music with performance, from a BBC Radio 1 Breezeblock set. Not only does he mostly eschew trendy "dance" musics, but he starts singing and playing along with the cheesefest as the set goes on. This is about 41mb, half an hour. I'd post a setlist, but it ruins the fun a bit. He'll keep you posted, anyway.

Gonzales - Breezeblock mix

You can get Gonzales' 'remix' of Jamie's "Multiply" as a ringtone or MP3 from Warp's Bleep store. They've got loads of other Lidell stuff, have a search. Or get the whole Multiply album from Warpmart for a more submerged collabo style. I'll plug Gonzo's own records again here sometime when I do an all-Gonzales post with more MP3s from his 2003 Australian tour...

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checkin’ out my boo, boo, boo

You’d want the first single from the pop-shattering team-up of Betty Boo and Alex James to be an instant pop classic, announcing itself all bold and flashy and making you grin like a loon with sheer delight, wouldn’t you? And even more so if it was self-titled?

Well, “Wigwam� by Wigwam isn’t so much of a declaration of arrival as a second track on side 2, written by the drummer. It’s good, it’s silly, it’s certainly fun, and it grows on you very well, but is this all we can hope for from the triumphant returns of Betty (DOIN’ THE DO! WHERE ARE YOU BABY?!) Boo, Alex (PARKLIFE! HANGING AROUND!) James and The (ROK DA HOUSE! HEY DJ I CAN’T DANCE TO THAT MUSIC YOU’RE PLAYING!) Beatmasters? Let’s hope not.

Wigwam – Wigwam

Well, nothing yet, the single doesn’t come out ‘til March. But if you like this, do go and buy it, yeah? I’m still going to. If it gets released here. Ha ha, sigh.

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bless my soul, what’s WRONG WITH ME

You know what? Fuck Seal, and fuck "Killer". I never gave a shit about it at the time, and listening to the copy of Dr. Adamski's Musical Pharmacy that I bought for a dollar the other week shows that time has done nothing to widen my appreciation. BUT I now have a digital copy of "Space Jungle" HURRAH (7" long-lost in one of several boxes in storage) and can listen to it on the train every day next week!

Adamski - Space Jungle

I dunno, I can't even find any Adam Sky stuff in print out here. Send him a hat or something if you like the track, but I realise I'm probably the entire fanbase for this record.