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solid gold chartbuster

Guy Pratt
Fusebox Theatre, The Factory

It’s probably possible to be a London punk-loving kid who joined Icehouse as a teenager in time for their first big homeland tour, has played sessions for Madonna and Michael Jackson, been drug buddies with Robert Palmer, had multiple bands with Alex Paterson from The Orb and Jimmy Cauty of the KLF, written Jimmy Nail’s #1 hit, composed the music for Spaced and been in Pink Floyd for the last twenty years – and once there getting seduced by Rick Wright’s daughter – and be a boring muso twat, but luckily Pratt is a charming bloke with a great line in self-deprecation. Having a couple of basses and guitars (and the odd pre-taped cue) onstage isn’t just a prop, but actually get integrated for genuine comedic purposes. The anecdotes lean on the big names, which makes sense, but also adds to the disappointment that his publisher wasn’t able to get him any copies of the more expansive book to flog. (Dude moans when I tell him Kinokuniya had a pile of about twenty on a display table during the week – but I’d held off in order to buy and get signed if he had ‘em.). Rated five out of five lols.

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