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not the secret origin of ambient house

In the mid-'80s, a future KLF art terrorist teamed up with a former Killing Joke bassist, got a bird in to sing, and attempted to take over the pop charts with inoffensive electro-soul waffling. THEY DID NOT SUCCEED, despite being an early production job for the Stock/Aitekn/Waterman team (indeed, Waterman funded PWL from his hefty fee for this work. TRUFAX!), because they were in fact pretty rubbish.

Today's MP3 is not exactly an exception to this, but it does stand out for being a) being produced by Jimmy Cauty and Youth themselves, and b) prefiguring the pioneering work in the field of stoned-pissing-about-in-the-studio each would do a few years later . A collage of samples, dinky keyboards and "cold rock stuff!", it's the b-side to the 7" shown above.

Brilliant - The Red Red Groovy

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  1. Even the Art of Noise sample in the beats doesn’t save it.
    (why mono?)


    no actually, this is possibly the second thing I’ve ever posted that is downloaded rather than recorded by me or ripped from my collection, and that’s just how I found it. it does actually sound a *little* better on vinyl, but my copy’s all boxed up and miles away.

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