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Alright, a bit of follow-up to yesterday's post. One thing I haven't heard anything about yer Howling Bells is whether Joel ever gets to sing any leads (or write songs?). Because got a few here and there in Waikiki days, often for the slightly harder-rawking numbers, but they seem to be making a feature now of contrasting Juanita's sweeter voice with the guitar churn of the current sound.

This is the only one that got released as a single. "Limited edition," crowed the sleeve, as if that's an unusual feature for any record released in Australia.
Waikiki - Lucky

Here's Juanita guesting with On Inc., as mentioned last time (formerly On, they changed their name due to an American group with the same name, and have recently changed back. It's contagious!). This remix is a bit more bleepy and not as smooth as the album version - not having actually compared track times or done a comparison by ear, I'll also blithely assert based on back covers alone that the commercial single featured a radio edit and extended version of the mix, but this, from a media promo, is the plain unmodified version.
On Inc (feat. King Tide & Kikisun) - Spooky (Tokyo Mod Squad Remix)

And what the hell, here's the EP version of New Technology, also reffed below. How many T-shirts do you have to sell to recoup flying Ric Ocasek to Sydney to produce one track for you?
Waikiki - New Technology

Ah, looks like On Inc's own album is out of print too... I wouldn't have gone so far to rip a non-merch track if I'd checked first.

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  1. hi dere, unrecoupable advance!

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