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I've been holding off on posting these because I was trying to find links to the PDFs I recently downloaded of Neil McMillan's epic History Of Cut'n'Paste records. Unfortunately, all Google seems to turn up is references to an abridged version printed in Big Daddy magazine, and an extended reprinting in another zine by the same people, and OCRed versions of the original shortarse version, so fuckit. Maybe the email address on that last link can sort you out? It's really great and worth reading, but let's just assume you did so weeks ago already and are now keen to hear some classic copyright-dodging 1980s collage records by white blokes:Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 3 (The History Of Hip-Hop Mix) - the broadest of the original Lessons.

Coldcut - Say Kids, What Time Is It? - the baton gets picked up across the Atlantic.

And twenty-odd years later, Douglas and Steve reunite and team up with Cut Chemist for a promotional tour through the catalogue of Sugarhill Records:

Double Dee & Steinski - Sugarhill Suite

Buy: Despite the impression given by rampant bootlegging, none of the Lessons have ever been released legally. Shockah. If you buy anything on Sugarhill ever, then the Suite has done its job (it came out on some Melle Mel 12" b-side or something. Maybe it's on a label comp too?). AND! Coldcut, at some point, rescued their own white-label-only debut for a low-key release with a bunch of other stuff they probably don't own (shonky 90s dance labels innit), and will flog you their Cold-Cut-Outs direct.
(edited by Peteypie because Kit doesn't know the location of his own mp3s. You can download them now!)

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  1. Rather enjoyable!
    Hey look – A wonderful new plugin I’ve installed lets the commenter preview their comment as it’s typed in – fun!

  2. kit do you like “the motorcade sped on”?

  3. Of course I do! I even have TWO copies of the NME 7″ that it got released on, one still attached to the front of the paper ahem sad nerditry. I suspect I may even have bought a third at some point and given it to the above Mr Frogworth.

    We’ll Be Right Back was my first Steinski exposure and BLEW MY CHILDISH MIND but I’m afraid it hasn’t dated as well these days, or possibly just that I prefer something less non-danceable, s’all a bit fluffy-concrète.

    This comment preview thing is awful!

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