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another interim link before I start posting tracks again

Went to check out the first instalment of a monthly (?) dancehall & soca night on Saturday, only to find a complement of three bouncers, two door staff, and three punters, only one of whom was on their feet, moving to lover's rock. Lessons here? Possibly: Sydney isn't ready. Probably: don't put on any event at a venue on Uni premises the week before student intake*. Certainly: don't keep playing warm-up music until people arrive, or they will bugger off instead of coming in.

So switched instead to the odd but excellent combination of a drum & bass night - in a pub! - where one of the latter-day/no-longer Avalanches came on and played a couple of hours of non-DNB in the middle. And a bloke wandered out and played sax over half an hour of one of the earlier DJs. You might think this last an atrocious idea, but to your and my surprise, you'd be wrong.

And speaking of potentially dubious DNB concepts: chartered accountant/cartoonist/home rinse enthusiast TonyR has boshed together 40 minutes of old jungle tracks that feature samples from superhero and sci-fi movies for his own satisfaction your enjoyment. Get the "slower" intro mix here, and the main feature here (you'll probably want to put in yr own ID3 tags once you've downloaded 'em). Tracklist!

*see also: Alex Paterson DJing in a different bar at the same uni a few years ago, to about a dozen people. In a room that holds about 600. During student holidays, of course. We dragged a sofa onto the dancefloor for the support act, Dr. Alex chucked a strop afterwards and blew out the rest of the tour.

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  1. Saturday night sounds like fun!
    Tony’s a V-er innit? Ta for the linx. I now have a shiny iAudio X5L 30GB, which is a delightful object. I decided against the 60GB, which a) I couldn’t really afford, and b) nobody has in stock in Aus at the moment… I have a 100GB hard drive and a DVD burner, and I imagine using it as much for downloaded stuff that I want to listen to without burning as for things I just want to keep on it.
    That said, it’ll have a few classix that I’ll probably keep there.

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