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One show I missed out on during the BDO swarm (because it happened in a restaurant in Surry Hills and wasn't advertised) was a MIKE WATT SOLO GIG. Happily it turned out that he wasn't doing Minutemen and Ball-Hog Or Tugboat material, just playing more Stooges covers without actual Stooges around him. Phew.

In the spirit of Stooges covers you could probably live without, here's EMF taking on "Search & Destroy", from their "there's always been a rock element to our dance music" EP Unexplained. Hey, it's better than the Chili Peppers' one.

EMF - Search and Destroy

If you can't find the EP, this was included on their best-of that came out a few years ago (but is now also out of print). It's actually pretty listenable all the way through, but the bonus disc of remixes makes the mistake of only including two versions of "Unbelievable," and about ten other songs that aren't "Unbelieveable." Plus, neither of the remixes are the Sin City Sex Mix. Tcoh!

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  1. That’s “Cin City Sex mix” I believe… Presumably Cincinnati, for some reason? Or just inventive misspelling? ;)
    Any EMF CD without the Cin City Sex mix of Unbelievable can hardly be worth it…

    This cover is… dispensable. It’s such a great song it hardly matters, but yeah…

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