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You know what? Fuck Seal, and fuck "Killer". I never gave a shit about it at the time, and listening to the copy of Dr. Adamski's Musical Pharmacy that I bought for a dollar the other week shows that time has done nothing to widen my appreciation. BUT I now have a digital copy of "Space Jungle" HURRAH (7" long-lost in one of several boxes in storage) and can listen to it on the train every day next week!

Adamski - Space Jungle

I dunno, I can't even find any Adam Sky stuff in print out here. Send him a hat or something if you like the track, but I realise I'm probably the entire fanbase for this record.

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  1. I’ve listened.
    It’s probably not untrue that you are the entire fanbase.

  2. You’d totally love it if it had come out four or five years later with a couple of crazed jungle mixes on the 12″ though. YOU’VE GOT TO JUMP AND SHAKE AND JUMP AND SHAKE AND JUMP AND SHAKE AND JUMP AND SHAKE AND DO YOUR THING! (Pretend there’s a clattering jump-up rhythm under that, don’t get distracted by the words written down and start thinking of the end of Basement Jaxx that actually does sound kind of like this record. oh dear I’ve come over all recursive)

  3. It’s kinda the wrong tempo for jungle… Honestly, those “whoo!”s are just too much ;)
    Yeah, I dunno – pretty silly stuff ;)

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