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Do people remember when rapsploitation films were actually good? The '80s were a bit dire with yer endless breakdance whatnots (nb: I have not seen any of these) and Tougher Than Leather and so on, but there was a brief golden age in the early '90s with the House Party series doing fine young-teen comedy, New Jack City being a fun Scarface rip-off, Boyz-N-The-Hood fooling us all that both Singleton and Gooding were promising young talents, and of course the one-two punch of CB4 and Fear Of A Black Hat both trying to be the Rap Spinal Tap. Both are atrociously patchy, with enough decent gags between them for one only slightly lame comedy, but with good will, they'll entertain a bunch of stoned uni students.

The best bits in CB4 are probably the slight filkings of actual rap hits to make the fictional group's tracks. "Sweat Of My Balls" actually fumbles some of the lines from Kool G Rap's "Talk Like Sex" in its efforts to be slightly different ('give you more than pussy-tickle devices' is hardly an improvement on 'give you more than battery-operated devices'), but you have to admit that 'I fucked your sister, I fucked your cat / I woulda fucked your mom but the bitch was too fat' has a charming directness that even NWA didn't resort to until the second album. The version of Rapper's Delight is completely pointless, obv, but at least the movie's all over at that point...

CB4 - Straight Outta Locash
CB4 - Sweat Of my Balls
CB4 - Rapper's Delight

The soundtrack is out of print, as far as I can tell, but you can probably pick up the movie on VHS from the $2 bin at your local Video Ezy that's still trying to shift space for more copies of Cheaper By The Dozen 2 on DVD.

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  1. “new jack city” WAS really good! well I think it was, I haven’t seen it for like ten years.

  2. Yeah, OTM. I’m afraid to watch it again in case it all sucks after that opening scene where Ice-T chases some dude to the sound of “New Jack Hustler”…

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