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Happy new year, kids - it's been a busy few weeks, but we should be sticking up tracks far more frequently for the rest of the summer.

Seeing Francis McDonald (in his capacity as a Teenage Fannie) programming Rage before Christmas prompted me to dig out this, perhaps the most relaxed cover version ever. From the B-side of BMX Bandits' "Serious Drugs," this take on fellow Scots Primal Scream's "Don't Fight It, Feel It" is labelled as being live, but plainly has a ludicrously obvious loop of cheering sitting near the bottom of the mix (the recording could well be one take, though).

BMX Bandits - Don't Fight It, Feel It

There's a newish BMX Bandits comp out, spookily enough titled after the above-mentioned single. Sanctuary don't sell stuff online, cop it at Amazon, along with their latest.

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