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So, a few months ago I did a post about singer/songwriter Greta Gertler, showcasing loads of new & unreleased songs, that could well have been an entry on Womenfolk. What we're gonna do right here is go back - way back - and then come forwards a bit. The recordings today are all from a 2001 gig, but the songs mostly date back to the mid-'90s and her chamber-pop group Peccadillo - there's lots of light-hearted humour, examination of human mating rituals, bemoaning of acid trips gone wrong and silly innuendos. Plus the odd spot of sensitive introspection.

Greta Gertler (& ¾ of Peccadillo), live at the Harbourside Brasserie:

Football Song
- Possibly the first instance in popular song of musicians and rugby players being likened.
Wedding Song
- Can you spot the occasional pattern to the song naming?
I'm Not A Lizard
Fishy Song
- If you like to hear pretty girls shouting "SEX!", this is the one song you should download.
- This song had its lyrics changed and point removed by A Successful Musician a couple of years later, and became the biggest Australian radio hit of the year. And look! Here's one about the previous time he did it:
I Heard Your Song On The Radio

And here's the one newer song in the batch, written after Greta's move to New York and performed in the "solo" set of that night's show. She'd just won an unsigned artist songwriting prize thingy for it at the time. Aw.
Everyone Wants To Adore You

Greta's in Sydney this week, playing one show at the Vanguard on Sunday night. Go along for dinner, buy a CD or three.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    I was there tonight, and it was great. Bagpipes!

    I was also at this Harbourside Brasserie gig way back when, I hope it sounds as great as I remember it being.


  2. I heard it sucked. It would’ve been fine except the cellist couldn’t go, and so it all just fell apart. Oh well.

  3. I’ll pretend it sucked too, first Greta Sydney gig I’ve missed since the tracks posted here*. Anyway I’m SURE the bagpipes couldn’t have beaten the big-band version of Long Way To The Top at the Basement launch show for Baby Who Brought Bad Weather. Has the recording of that ever emerged?

    *How’d it work out for you, Tim?

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