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Mother, do you have a prick?

Remember hearing this on the radio in the '80s?

Well, he loves to wear silk knotted scarves around his neck, baby
Finger them, finger the scarves!
He twists the scarf around my neck, baby
I wish he was twisting it around my clit, I mean my dick, I mean my cock, baby twist it
Twist it good, twist that silky scarf

And pull it oiled, knotted, out of her ass, let her come, etc etc. Those were the days, eh?

Since her Best Of dropped the ball, it's about time someone got to doing some lavish bonus-disced-up reissues of the first couple of Sinéad O'Connor albums (remastering is pretty essential too, the CDs are close to inaudible at times) so that a coffee-table audience can have the joy of being exposed to the way the adorable contrarian handled the marketing requirements of the 12" single.

Classic beyond classic was the "Jump In The River" extended version, which basically played the song and then let Karen Finley in the door to rant and, indeed, pant for another five minutes, but also of interest was the "I Want Your (Hands On Me)" 12" that welcomed MC Lyte on somewhat more integrated cameo duties. Two of the mixes are below.

Sinéad O'Connor - Jump In The River (12")
Sinéad O'Connor - I Want Your (Street Mix)
Sinéad O'Connor - I Want Your (Dance Mix)

Her official webstore thing is a bit limp, so don't go there unless you live in Foreign. Better deals are getting the local issue of her new album of reggae covers, which comes with a bonus disc of dub versions, or the Collaborations compilation, which is a decentish round-up, but doesn't include either of these (or Marxman's "Ship Ahoy", come to think! If I can find the single, I'll stick a version up tomorrow).

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  1. Thanks for the Sinead mixes.. I had the cassingles from back in the day but needed a digital copy for my Ipod

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