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One-time Lemonheads bass player Bill Gibson pointed us in the direction of this fansite download of a pick-up band rendition of the classic It's A Shame About Ray album, for the Don't Look Back series of gigs in London this month. Of course, given the record was only 29 minutes (before dead-eyed commerce tacked their "Mrs Robinson" cover onto the end of CD copies), there's a mini-greatest hits set filling out the rest of the hour, too.

In slightly less spurious tribute to that period (the musicians in the above aren't even the players with whom Dando is currently recording a new album under the L'heads name), here's a couple of radio-session tracks from the period: Dando playing an acoustic solo version of "Confetti" from the album, and Sydney's Glide proving their cred by covering "Ride With Me" from the less-famous-but-still-major-label previous record, Lovey

Evan Dando - Confetti (acoustic)
Glide - Ride With Me (acoustic)

These are both taken from a compilation titled Tota11y Wire1ess, which is totally out of print. Remarkably, so is pretty much the whole Lemonheads catalogue in Australia, with the exception of this Atlantic best-of jobbie. There's a load of acoustic versions on the end, so it's kinda appropriate. Most of Glide's output is similarly unavailable, but this tribute site to their late singer has a bunch to sell you, including an exclusive final album.

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  1. I purposely ripped my copy of it’s a shame about ray without “mrs. robinson”. dead-eyed commerce = pwned.

  2. yeah, I’m going to do that when I get around to podding the Lemonheads. and just to rub it in, I’ll rip it off the Being Around double-A-side instead!

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