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Producing and arranging Feist's Let it Die seems to have set off a new phase in Gonzales' creativity (though, interestingly, he hasn't changed his name this time around), going on to perform similar behind-the-scenes roles on records by Jane Birkin, Jamie Lidell and Buck 65 (not to mention his solo piano album). But putting these tracks together for you lovely people, while listening to "Salieri Serenade", I found myself wishing that he'll go back to rapping one day. There's such glee in his wordplay and rhythms that it would be a shame to only have one real album of his own beats and rhymes...

Feist & Gonzales - Salieri Serenade (live at the Big Day Out)

The next two both feature Feist in the torch singer role taken by Sticky on the Gonzales Uber Alles album, and the rearranged versions both cropped up after this tour on Z. Sadly, that collection of re-recordings didn't feature the fantastic rawked-up version of major-label lament "Candy" which tour-partner Taylor Savvy jizzed guitar all over at both the shows. If the radio version wasn't so thin I'd post it, and if it hadn't blown out the levels on my recording, I'd post that... maybe I'll pull some more tracks for a Gonzales feature anyway.

Not a lot to say about Feist this time. She sings on all these songs, you know. Will that do?

Feist & Gonzales - Why Don't We Disappear (live at the Big Day Out)
Feist & Gonzales - You Are (live at the Big Day Out)

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