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“No! NOT Fist!…”

Last time Leslie Feist performed in Sydney, it was as sidewoman to Chilly Gonzales in January 2003. After an hour and a half of coming on and off to sing, banter and play occasional children's instruments, Gonzo stepped down from the stage of the Annandale, she climbed aboard his shoulders and the towering combination made its way through the sweaty, clamouring crowd while "Made It Through" played unassisted from the soundboard CD deck. As they passed by our spot, Feist stared at me and reached down from her perch to poke my nose with one extended, golden-gloved finger. I swooned gleefully as the pair moved on.

In two weeks, she's coming back to play one solo show on my birthday. What a nice present.

The show had opened with them both on stage in matched safari outfits, performing a duet on melodicas. The song is probably yet another variation on the "Chilly in Bb Minor" theme that recurs through most of his records, but I'm musically crippled and can't identify notes by ear, let alone keys. Retag it yourself if you know better:

Feist & Gonzales - Melodica Duet (live at the Annandale)

Next for you is her subsequent return to the stage, after a couple of show-off turns on the piano and rapping for Gonzales, and a costume change for her. Wonder if the story she tells to introduce "Shameless Eyes" here will recur at the Hopetoun gig?

Feist & Gonzales - Shameless Eyes (live at the Annandale)

Gonzo's apparent non-sequitur in the aftermath here (referenced in the post title) was actually addressed to a young lady down the front wearing a Bloody Fist t-shirt.

When I was creating the files for this Feist-fest, I found it frustrating how so many of the French phrases in the next song seem to turn up in a lot of different songs in Google. Then yesterday I saw Let It Die in a record shop here for the first time (it's just been released - US cover and tracklist, not the original) and too late saw that there's a song called "Tout Doucement" on it. This one I reckon you can retag with confidence, given the 'tout doux, tout doux, tout doucement, toujours...' refrain.

Feist & Gonzales - Tout Doucement (live at the Annandale)

You can get Let It Die quite cheaply, or a redundant Mushaboom single quite expensively, from Sanity. The same chain also has an odd array of Gonzales records - you can hear Feist on Presidential Suite and Z. Get tickets for the show in advance from the Hoey.

Today's tracks are all from my own recording of the gig - come back on Monday for another selection from their Big Day Out festival appearance the same week, taped off the radio: trade boomy for tinny!

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  1. feist is probably the most impactful artist for me this year. so crushed that i missed her at the annandale – you wouldn’t be able to send through those clips to me direct at all would you?

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