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Quickie for the curious - here's a live version of Battleflag from after The Wrekked Train quit, from one of who-knows-how-many US tours.

And just because I couldn't crowbar them in yesterday: by the second album, the band had sadly also stopped using their recockulous pseudonyms. So, gratuitously: Sheriff Jon Stone played keyboards, The Slammer played drums (no relation to Zodiac Mindwarp's kit-hitter Slam Thunderhide), A One Man Crowd Called Gentilee was the bassist, and guitar was added by The Disco Bison. God love 'em.

Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag (live)

This was taken from Naked 2000, a fundraiser CD for Boston radio station WBCN. The compilation's apparently out of print, but their website might sell you something else instead.

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