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Okay, it's been a few days because I've been ill, and I'm still too sick to type much - so here's a big one to cover the next four days, when I'm bolting interstate. The Fiery Furnaces came to Australia last year as fellow alliteratives Franz Ferdinand's support band, not doing any shows of their own - except for a brief instore at Red Eye Records. Six songs, all done in under a quarter of an hour (though there was about twenty minutes of plugging in and tuning up that you don't have to stand through here.)

Fiery Furnaces - Tropical Ice-Land [live at Red Eye]
Fiery Furnaces - We Got Back The Plague [live at Red Eye]
Fiery Furnaces - I'm Gonna Run [live at Red Eye]
Fiery Furnaces - Up In The North [live at Red Eye]
Fiery Furnaces - My Dog Was Lost [live at Red Eye]
Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat [live at Red Eye]

You can get most of everything they've put out straight from Rough Trade. Hey, I'm posting the Fiery Furnaces, I'm a real mp3 blog now!

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