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The Pet Shop Boys were characteristically more methodical about the process of their own reissue program, a couple of years ago. Not for them the grab-bag approach of demos, muddy live tapes, the occasional side-project: they wilfully make (now-venerable) b-side collection Alternative completely redundant, offer no remixes by outside hands, provide sketches for outside work but nothing not done entirely by "Pet Shop Boys." Plus, a unified design aesthetic and extensive, informative sleevenotes (something the Cure project sorely lacks.

But at least one track mystifyingly failed to be represented: this completely re-recorded "swing version" of "Can You Forgive Her?" Whether they were embarrassed in retrospect, thought it the work of an uncredited arranger, or simply forgot about it, the Very sleevenotes do not inform us. It turned up on the b-side to "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" about four singles into the album campaign - so was probably recorded well after the album. If anyone has any information or clues, let us know.

Pet Shop Boys - Can You Forgive Her? (Swing Version)

for some reason, the official site doesn't sell any of the remasters at all. They do have Very on vinyl, though - which is nice - but I can't link you to it because it's in a pop-up. Maybe just go down to HMV?

In similar vein, here's the Emma Lanford-fronted version of Mousse T. doing a gratuitously OTT big-band version of his classic eurocheesepump hit Horny. I've taken this from the b-side to the "Fire" single, but it might also be on the Gourmet De Funk album - the interweb isn't exactly clear on this point. Just in case, I've snipped it down a bit.

Mousse T. feat. Emma Lanford - Horny Jazz

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