poison to the mind


2: drinking water

Alright! Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys again, you know the drill. Since the previous post, Charlie and his brother, Spider, have gone out for a celebratory reunion incorporating Spider's prescription of wine, women and song. The reading of this extract takes up the thread post-revels, as Fat Charlie wakes up the following morning.

Neil Gaiman - another bit of Anansi Boys, the beginning of Chapter 5, Kinokuniya.

well, you can't get Anansi Boys yet, it's coming out in October from Hodder Headline Hachette Livre Gamble & Huff Australia. Abbey's (Galaxy's mummy and daddy) are taking pre-orders, but at twice the price the official site has. Probably a UK hardcover as opposed to local/imported TPB (though the American Gods hardback was just trade paperback guts glued into a fairly bendy cardboard cover).
So, meanwhile have a go at the more or less official Neil Gaiman online shop, run by Dreamhaven Books. They've got loads of shit you'll have trouble finding elsewhere, like these three CDs they've released themselves , and can even get him to sign stuff, if you're into that.

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