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Jack White's not litigious, right? He'd just turn up to your show and pimpslap you if he had a problem with sampling. So it's a shame that Apathy's "It Takes A Seven Nation Army To Hold Us Back" didn't get any distribution, or airplay, or attention, or anything. Of course, he opened it up claiming "can't believe you motherfuckers didnt think of this before... " when in fact he'd been comprehensively beaten to the punch by Rhymefest, but there's no way "Jackin' (It Got Ugly)" could ever get clearance in today's world. (An even bigger shame, because it also outshines the titular influence, Cube's "Jackin' For Beats" off Kill At Will.)

But we're not posting either of those, just acknowledging that that bassline - played on a non-bass instrument, no less - is undeniable, a behemoth that straddled 2003-2004 like a fuzzy, insistent monster. Interestingly, when Nostalgia 77 covered the song, they pretty much left it out, while everyone else skips the lyrics. Here we've got two bands doing the song live at the same Australian festival in January 2004, but both putting other people's words over the top. Basement Jaxx go for a quasi-mashup approach, dropping the expressionless wonder, 50 Cent, grunting his "In Da Club" over their carnival-house mutation of the music. And the Flaming Lips - well, what you can make out through Wayne Coyne's megaphone-bleating - are doing their own rewrite of the Butthole Surfers' "Moving To Florida".

Both bands still report it as "Seven Nation Army" (or in the Jaxx' case, "White Stripes") for their APRA sheets though. See? You can't say no to that bassline.

Flaming Lips - Seven Nation Army (live at the Big Day Out)
Basement Jaxx - Seven Nation Army (live at the Big Day Out)

The Lips have done a studio version of their cover on the Late Night Tales thing they compiled. Dunno if it's any good though.
Basement Jaxx's singles compilation has a DVD counterpart with some live bits and bobs on it. That's probably the closest you can get.

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  1. Glad (not) to see you’re following mp3-bloggers’ preferred filenaming technique – ie just enough to obliquely reference the track name, in a pretty much unuseful fashion. I realise the info’s all there in the ID3 tag, but I prefer a more complete filenaming technique. Nobody (nobody!) needs filenames without spaces any more you know! ;)

  2. get one Winamp?

    actually I’m dodging the frequent MP3blogga policy of just ripping the track in iTunes and posting “05 C On Your T’s (remix)” so that you have to rename it before (or after on YSIs) downloading. or the Cocaine Blunts-style “cassrapp1” followed by “cassrap2” etc – though it makes sense for him, given that he wants people to drag the tracks into their player in that order. but it’s still annoying to try and identify if you want to listen to it later, specifically.

    from my end, I’ll often post files named in mixed case with spaces and full titles, but when I don’t, there’s definitely enough information in the filename to identify the artist and track. fie on your dissing of obliqueness, obliqueness amuses.

    you can do whatever you want though of course! want to post some things over the weekend while I’m in Brisvegas?

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