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Here's a big one, so dial-up kids* can spend the weekend downloading: the EPK for Wiley's "Wot U Call It?". Two years on, it's amusing to see how the press kit spends so much of its time trying to defend that the name of the music is still in flux and under debate, but admits that the battle has been lost in an aside halfway through. "...maybe they gave me the wrong award," Wiley embarrassedly demurs.

Also notable that even in murky lighting, shot from the side in the front of a car, Kano's charisma puts all the properly lit vox-poppers in the shade. And when he spits, his flow is almost as smooth acapella as over any of the beat styles he can ride so well. If the alleged hip-hop and R&G sell-out attempts on his album don't work, someone start getting him cameos on any and every US record, he needs to be a star. Who's that shouty white kid with the bum-fluff ginger mustache though? He needs to join the army and get his aggression worked out.

Wiley - bumph (this is over 120mb, watch out)

The other day I was looking for Treddin' On Thin Ice in a chain-store with genre classifications. They'd put it in URBAN GROOVES, subsection HIP-HOP, subdivider UK HIP-HOP. Then someone had written in a few different colour textas on the shrinkwrap, 'EXPERIMENTAL HIP-HOP', 'NEW UK HIP-HOP STYLE' and in huge letters across the middle, '"GRHYME"'.
Anyway, Wiley'll flog you ringtones and wallpapers for a pound fifty. Pity he's only got Wot U Call It up, so many of the Eskimo/Igloo/Penguin-era riddims would probably translate really well into tinny electronic bleeps! I dunno, I don't even have a mobile phone.


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