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The Action Suits were something of a response by grumpy young men to their town of residence's worldwide fame. Kicking back against grunge with '60s-style pop songs and production (recorded with authentic 8-track wobble by Steve Fisk), they burst onto the scene with four seven-inches released simultaneously on four different labels, then promptly faded away (leaving just one more 7" - on yet another label - and the song in yesterday's bonus MP3). They had an offer to do an album in Spain, but no-one could get it together to draw a cover for the compilation.

And it was the covers that had sold them - Pete Bagge, cartoonist behind Hate et al., was the drummer/backing singer and occasional co-writer for the band, and did the covers for all four initial releases. He'd left by the time of the last release, so early guitarist Al Columbia - also better known as a cartoonist - was drafted to do the honours. But lead singer/guitarist/also-a-cartoonist Eric Reynolds' songs didn't always deserve to be overshadowed. This one of the quartet, on the Fluffer label, might as well be a greatest hits. Both songs are cheesy and twee, but in a totally great way. If you're a boy prone to trawling record shops and crushing over girls. Or have empathy for them, I guess.

And Fisk plays keyboards, Pigeonhed fans!

Action Suits - 4-Track Mind
Action Suits - My Janeane

You can probably still find the odd copy of the other records in various auction catalogues, second-hand record shops and online comics retailers. But this one is ridiculously still available (along with scads of original art) from Eric Reynolds himself. Probably in much better shape than the one I recorded these MP3s from!

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